Hiring a Walleye Fishing Guide Improves your Outing

March 24, 2020

Walleye are a large, good-eating fish that puts up an excellent fight once you get them hooked up. With a maximum length of 32 to 35 inches and a weight of up to 15 pounds, Walleye are one of the most desirable catches on Green Bay. For an inexperienced fisherman, Walleye pose a definite challenge, as they are also an elusive species. 

The hardest part of walleye fishing is finding the fish. Walleye frequent deeper depths than most other species, generally deeper than 30 feet. An understanding of the body of water on which you’re fishing, as well as the cover they use, lighting conditions, and temperature are required to put your boat on Walleye. For these reasons, for Walleye fishing on Green Bay, you’ll want to hire a Green Bay Walleye fishing guide.

What Are All The Things Guides Do For The Guests On A Fishing Trip?

While a wide variety of lures and baits are effective once you’ve found them, Walleye are exceptionally difficult to locate. If you don’t know Green Bay that a quality green bay Walleye guide has, you will likely spend the majority of your day waiting for a bite. For Walleye fishing in Green Bay, WI, hire the expert guides at Green Bay Trophy Fishing.

Our guides have fished the Green Bay and Door County waters for their entire lives, both for sport and as professional guides. With these years of experience, they have deep knowledge of the structures around the area that walleye use. Even more, these guides understand how the weather, lighting conditions, and water temperature alter walleye behavior. They’ll know where the fish are, where they’re going next, and where they came from. 

How Are The Fish Handled?

Another reason for hiring a Green Bay Trophy Fishing guide for your Walleye fishing trip is the handling of the fish. As a larger, heavier fish, Walleye can be difficult to handle once you bring them in the boat. Without experience with a larger fish, this can result in harm to the fish itself, or worse, an injury to the fisherman. 

If you’re fishing for food, it’s important to keep the fish fresh until you get back for cleaning. An expert Green Bay Walleye fishing guide has state-of-the-art livewell equipment to ensure the health of the fish. If you’re fishing catch-and-release, it’s even more important to ensure the fish returns to the water in good health. When you’re on Green Bay with a Green Bay Trophy Fishing Walleye fishing guide, you’ll learn the best practices and proper techniques to ensure maximum enjoyment of the experience.

What Are The Cons And Costs Associated With Fishing On Your Own?

As a beginner or novice fisherman, you likely don’t have all the equipment needed for a successful and enjoyable fishing experience. When you’re on a family fishing trip, it’s critical to keep your young fishermen engaged in the experience and avoid the boredom of an unsuccessful fishing trip.  

Hiring a Green Bay Trophy Fishing guide ensures a successful trip. You’ll avoid the costs of purchasing or renting equipment, the frustration of learning how to use it on your own, and the failure of an unsuccessful fishing trip. We’ve spent our lives fishing the Green Bay and Door County areas, we’ve perfected our techniques, and we’re available to share that expertise with you. We’ve made all the mistakes and learned from them so you don’t have to!
If you’re interested in Walleye fishing in Green Bay, WI, visit our website to schedule a Walleye fishing trip today!

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