Why Green Bay Should Be On Every Angler’s Bucket List.

March 24, 2020

If you are in search of a new place to hold this year’s fishing trip, look no further than Green Bay, Wisconsin. While North America has several popular fishing destinations, for freshwater species like walleye and bass, pike. Areas around Green Bay and the Door Peninsula are too often overlooked.

It doesn’t matter what you’re looking for in a fishing location, Green Bay has it all. From large, line-snapping giant bass to delicious tasting eater walleye, you’ll find it with a Green Bay fishing trip. Fishing guides in Green Bay, Wisconsin take people just like you into the part of Lake Michigan around Door County at all times of the year. In this blog, you’ll find five reasons why the fishing wonderland known as Green Bay should be on everyone’s bucket list.


If catching a diverse assortment of freshwater fish is most important, Green Bay has you covered. Sturgeon Bay and the surrounding area has nearly 20 varieties of fish you can catch and keep. Among these are two or more species of salmon, trout, bass and perch, including the walleye, which some will say is more delicious than salmon.

Many more species of fish thrive in the waters around. Fishing guides in Green Bay, Wisconsin know the best spots to find just about any fish you’re looking to catch.


Just as you’ll find many species of fish in and around the Door Peninsula, so too will you find an array of sizes. If you’re fishing with kids, nothing could be better than going for smaller walleye Green Bay is chock-full of walleye, perch, bass. Not only are perch easy to catch they are also great to eat. 

On the other end of the spectrum, there are enormous northern and muskies in the shallow waters near the shores throughout Green Bay. Northerns can reach four feet in length and muskies get even bigger. Both of these trophy fish bring in tourists and anglers from all over the country.

Good Eaters

More interested in catching dinner than a monster? Green Bay has some of the best tasting freshwater fish swimming in its waters. Whether you prefer to eat salmon, whitefish or trout, you’ll find a lot of them fishing in Green Bay. 

Perhaps the most sought after fish to eat in the Door Peninsula is the walleye. A member of the perch family, this fish can grow upwards of ten pounds and dwell in the cold, deep waters throughout Green Bay. Eating walleye in Door County is a must. It can be prepared in many ways–deep-fried, pan-fried or grilled–and is excellent with a wedge of lemon and tartar sauce. Green Bay walleye fishing is truly world-class.

Great All Year Round

Come spring, summer, fall or winter–it doesn’t matter when it comes to Green Bay fishing, the best time of year is in the early to late spring. Walleye are abundant all year whereas it’s best to find salmon in the summer or early fall. 

Bass, like the walleye, are great to catch from spring until fall. Northerns and muskies are best caught in the early spring and fall. 

Beautiful nature

If there’s a lull in the bite, you can gaze upon the beauty around Green Bay. With dramatic coastlines, clear, clean water and abundant nature onshore, Green Bay is as nice on the eyes as it is on the adventurous spirit. 

The area around Green Bay is known for its many lighthouses dotting the coastline. Once a major hub for shipping, the Door Peninsula keeps these relics of the past protected in several state parks.

At Green Bay Trophy Fishing, we can’t say enough about how great the fishing around Green Bay is. We have over 25 years of experience guiding Green Bay fishing trips for families, groups of friends, corporate events and more. We pride ourselves on our ability to safely find and assist in catching a lot of fish for our clients. 

If Green Bay fishing is on your bucket list, contact us today to book your fishing trip. Once you’ve experienced it, we’re confident we’ll be seeing you again.

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