The Thrill of Summer Walleye Fishing On Green Bay

April 13, 2020

As the sun begins to rise, a warm, summer breeze kicks up a light chop on your favorite Sturgeon Bay fishing spot. You see a pod of walleyes on your side imaging device and make a perfect cast in the direction of the fish. Then bang! You’re hooked up!

Located in Door County on Green Bay, Sturgeon Bay walleye fishing in the summer is fun and challenging all at once. Sturgeon Bay walleye fishing is known throughout the fishing community as being a hotspot all year, but summer is by far the best time to be outside.   

Let’s break down how water, air and weather conditions dictate how walleye can be during the summer months.

Early Summer Can Be Challenging Yet Rewarding

After the spring spawn, walleyes start making their way toward their summer grounds, which can consist of offshore primary and secondary shoreline breaks, reefs, rock piles, mud or sand flats. Generally speaking, a one to three-foot chop is ideal for summer walleye fishing because it camouflages the water. This creates ideal hunting conditions for hungry walleye beneath the surface. 

When the water is flat, calm and clear it makes hunting difficult for the walleye because they’re easily spotted by potential prey. These conditions occur often in early summer in and around Sturgeon Bay and make walleyes inactive, saving their energy for when conditions are more favorable.

Warm Temperatures Bring More Bites

In July and August, as water temperatures warm above 70°, the walleye’s metabolism increases, making them feed more often. At that time of year, trolling crankbaits behind offshore planer boards is an effective way of covering a lot of water in a short amount of time. 

If you happen to land on a school of walleyes, snap jigging a moonshine shiver minnow is a great way of attracting bites and filling your limit in no time. Just remember, the bigger the waves, the heavier jig you’ll need, which may affect your ability to feel bites. Lighter wave conditions allow for a small jig and better feel.

Take A Pro’s Advice

Green Bay is a huge body of water and fish in the Sturgeon Bay-area are plentiful. It’s wise to have a plan when you go out.

Pick out a few spots you’d like to fish, use electronics to locate them and have a variety of methods you would like to try. Keeping a journal of information you have learned from water temperature, time of year and wind direction is important, and using your observations to see patterns is key.

Green Bay Trophy Fishing Is Your Summer Walleye Fishing Guide In Sturgeon Bay

Hiring a fishing guide like Green Bay Trophy Fishing is not a bad idea either to help you reduce the learning curve in catching trophy walleyes. With an experienced Green Bay fishing guide, you can learn techniques as you catch beautiful walleye.

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